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All Access Investigation is exclusively made up of former Law Enforcement Officers with accreditations across the board from local to federal.  Many of our Specialists have military backgrounds as well.  We are well versed in surveillance and counter surveillance, and highly trained in firearms which allows us to provide full-scale Executive Protection detail that are armed where legally permissible and unarmed for the latter.  For those clients who may want to be very discreet, we provide low profile security operations and can put our Specialists “in” the crowd for security and to listen for opposition research.

All Specialists are trained, licensed and insured in North Carolina, and are retired law enforcement.  Executive Protection Services are available for long-term, short-term, and event-specific contract duration.  We also offer customized Event Security detail and support.


Tom has decades of experience in law enforcement and private sector security management and protection. Tom comes to All Access after eight years of Security Management at a local Charlotte area “Fortune 50” company. As Manager of Global Security, Tom supervised and maintained the Security needs for an array of different locations and facilities -- such as Access Control, Visitor Management, CCTV, Emergency Notification, Internal Investigation, as well as Kidnap/Ransom response (Internationally) and did oversee a staff of approximately eighty(80) security personnel.

Prior to Tom's private sector career, he served 20 years with the New York City Police Department, where he retired as a Detective. From the time of the Terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, until his retirement in February 2007, Tom was assigned to the NYPD Intelligence Division, and was assigned to investigate FBI Terrorist Leads, and Terrorist related cases in New York and surrounding areas. While also assigned to the Intelligence Division, Tom had numerous assignments for Dignitary and Executive Protection details for events such as Presidential visits, United Nations General Assembly, Republican National Convention, Grammy’s Music awards, US Tennis Open, Foreign Heads of State, Professional Sporting events, and Recording Industry of America members and events.

Other investigative assignments included, Organized Crime, Narcotics, Firearms, Money Laundering, Identity Fraud, Homicide, Medicaid Fraud, and Search Warrant executions, that resulted in hundreds of arrest and successful prosecution. Tom was also an “Expert witness” for the Manhattan District Attorneys Office, for narcotics testimony, while he was assigned to the NYPD, Manhattan South Narcotics Team. While with the NYPD, Tom had the opportunity to work on joint cases with many Federal Agencies to include, FBI, DEA, DOD, IRS, ATF, U.S. Secret Service, US Marshals, and Department of State.

Over the course of his private and law enforcement career, Tom has attended training in areas such as; Criminal Investigations, Firearms, Search Warrant, Interview and Interrogation, Case Management, NYPD/Secret Service Protection training, Money Laundering, Credit Card Fraud, Gang Identification and Investigation, Kidnap and Ransom response, AED/CPR, First Aid, Narcotics Investigation, Wiretap Management, Courtroom presentation, Private Security, Workplace violence, and O.S.H.A..

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  • Advance surveys
  • Executive protocol
  • Escape and evasive driving
  • Electronic security
  • Surveillance techniques
  • Counter surveillance
  • Armed & unarmed defensive tactics
  • Basic combat shooting
  • Combat handgun tactics


Executive Protection Services are designed to proactively identify threats. Once identified, all reasonable efforts are taken to avoid the threat. When circumstances dictate action, our highly trained Executive Security Operatives will counter that threat and immediately move our clients away from the area to avoid further conflict.

All Access Investigation is a highly vetted and fully licensed Executive Protection Company. Our vastly trained, in-country teams provide a full range of traditional Executive Protection, Transportation and Security Services for celebrities to high profile athletes.

All Access Investigation’s Armed Executive Protection Services place teams of expert Personal Protection Specialists (commonly referred to as “Bodyguards”) on the job to protect corporate executives, celebrities, professional athletes, foreign royalty and political dignitaries (and their families). Team members are trained to be proficient in:


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