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Robert comes to All Access with a bachelor’s degree from Western Carolina University in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology. In 1986, he began his career and dedicated over 32 years to Law Enforcement, 10 of those years being spent in the NC Alcohol Law Enforcement Division in Winston Salem and Charlotte. He retired as a Mecklenburg County ABC Sergeant in 2016, but continued to work as a part time officer for the following years. He has an extensive background in investigating drugs, alcohol, gambling, prostitution with a heavy concentration on NC ABC Laws.

Throughout his career, he has taught ABC Rules and Regulation classes to thousands of alcohol servers and sellers. He held his Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate for the majority of his career and was a licensed chemical analyst. While focusing on ABC laws, he initiated and helped design the conversion of all video surveillance equipment for the Mecklenburg County ABC Stores to a digital format and oversaw the maintenance and operation of the video surveillance equipment.

STEVE WHITESEL Private Investigator

Steve has an accumulation of 30 years of experience as a police officer and police detective at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) in Charlotte, NC. Steve retired in April of 2020.

Steve maintained a versatile background in all facets of law enforcement including Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, Community Policing Liaison, Street Drug Interdiction Unit, Undercover Vice and Narcotics Detective, DHS Immigration and Customs Task Force Officer, New Detective Trainer and Patrol Division Detective.

Steve is a seasoned detective that investigated robberies, burglaries, auto thefts, fraud, sex crimes, drug trafficking, human trafficking, attempted murders, murder for hire, serious assaults and thefts.  Steve is experienced in traffic accident investigations, and other public accidents. Steve is experienced in testifying in both the State and Federal court systems, as well as civil court.  Steve has prepared and gave media releases for cases he was involved in.

Steve demonstrated excellent public relation skills and customer contact skills. Steve demonstrated record high performance standards in the areas of neighborhood and key business unit partnerships, Interview and Interrogations, Moving and Stationary Surveillance to include Air Surveillance Spotter, Counter-Surveillance, Surveillance Team Leader, and Protective Services Detail. 

Over his entire career, Steve was tasked with interviewing witnesses and interrogating suspects of crimes.  Steve has several hundred hours of training to include Reid and Rhoads Interview and Interrogations, Kinesic Interviews and Interrogations, Drug Enforcement Agency courses on Interviews and Interrogations, The Art of Mirroring Interrogations, Cognitive Interviewer, CMPD courses on Interview and Interrogations, CMPD Courses on Surveillance Detection, Moving, Stationary and foot Surveillance.  Steve has been trained and performed in Protective Services Details.  Steve attended the Regional Counterdrug Training Academy (RCTA) in 2003.

Steve holds an Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate from the NC Criminal Justice Standards Commission.  Steve has an Associate in Applied Science-Criminal Justice Degree through Stanly Community College, and an Accounting/ Business Law background.

- Optimist Officer of the Year 1995
- Community Relations Award in 2003 and 2009.
- Chiefs Award for Excellence in Policing 2001.
- Officer of the Month 2018 and 2019.

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james r (RANDY) WALKER Polygraph Operator/Private Investigator

James R (Randy) Walker has over 40 years’ experience in Law Enforcement and served as a Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for 21 years retiring in January 2004.  During his service in the FBI, Mr. Walker was instrumental in the management, investigation, and prosecution of major high profile cases throughout the United States.  He has extensive experience in white-collar crime violations, public corruption, and national security matters.  He was the senior examiner and manager of the FBI’s polygraph in North Carolina for 6 years.

Mr. Walker is a military veteran serving in the US Air Force from 1967-71 with a year of service in Thailand supporting the US mission in Vietnam.  Mr. Walker is a 1973 graduate of Lander University with a B.S. in Business Administration and a 1978 graduate of Clemson University with a M.Ed. in Personnel Services.  His polygraph related education and experience is extensive.  He graduated from the Defense Academy of Credibility Assessment (DACA) in 1998.  DACA is considered the finest polygraph education facility in the world.  In 1999, Mr. Walker completed DACA’s course Examinations of Sexual Offenders and later that year was certified by the American Polygraph Association (APA) as a Polygraph Examiner of Sex Offenders.

Mr. Walker has performed polygraph related services for the FBI, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the U.S. State Department and numerous members of the judicial, legal, and business community.  During his time with the State Department, Mr. Walker made numerous trips to Afghanistan and Iraq conducting counter-intelligence and counter-espionage polygraphs at the US Embassy including Al Qaeda terrorists involving inter-national security matters.

Mr. Walker specializes in complex results oriented polygraph examinations using the most reliable testing formats and state of the art equipment available.  His professional affiliations include the American Polygraph Association, the North Carolina Polygraph Association, the South Carolina Association of Polygraph Examiners and the Society of Former Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  He is licensed in North Carolina and South Carolina.


Carl Robbins served as the Town of Mooresville (NC) Chief of Police from 2008 until his retirement in December of 2015.  He began his career with the Mooresville Police Department in 1994 as a detective.  During his 21 year career in Mooresville, he served in various capacities including supervision of the Criminal Investigations unit.    

While serving as chief, the Mooresville Police Department earned the distinction of achieving National Accreditation.  Robbins and his department were recognized for their focus on service to the community, collaborative efforts with community stakeholders, community partnerships and successful crime prevention initiatives.  Robbins also served as a Regional Director for the North Carolina Association of Chiefs of Police and is the former coordinator of the local crime stopper board.  

Before joining the Mooresville Police Department, he served as a police officer in his hometown of Cornelius, North Carolina.  In addition to his experience with the Cornelius Police Department, he also spent time as an on-call investigator with the Mecklenburg County Medical Examiner’s Office in Charlotte.  While serving in that capacity, he assisted in the investigation of homicides, suicides, accidental and equivocal deaths.  He also served as an Adjunct Instructor for Mitchell Community College in Statesville and taught various curriculum courses in Criminal Justice, including a course in Criminalistics.    

Carl graduated from Presbyterian College and received his Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Alabama.  He participated in additional post graduate work in Leadership and Management at the University of Louisville.  He is a graduate of the 113th Session of the Administrative Officers Course through the Southern Police Institute at the University of Louisville and of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Carolina Command College.  His training and experience in policy development, administrative investigations and cold case investigations have contributed to his focus on professionalism and effectiveness.  Through training and practical application, he is also well versed in recruiting, hiring and retaining police officers.

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CHARLES J. GRAY Private Investigator

Charles has over 25 years law enforcement experience serving in various capacities with local, state and federal agencies. Charles began his career as a Patrol Officer with the Winston-Salem Police Department in February of 1990 after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.   He served in various capacities with agency including, Senior Police Officer, Narcotics Detective, Task Force Agent, and Sergeant Detective. Charles has over 13 years of supervisory experience with the agency and served the majority of his career working narcotics enforcement including, DEA Task Force Agent, specializing in Historical Drug Conspiracy and Money Laundering.

Charles had an opportunity to accept a positon in 2013 with Engility Corporation and served a year working in Afghanistan as a LEP (Law Enforcement Professional). While in Afghanistan he worked in various capacities including tactical intelligence gathering, targeting of suspected criminal insurgency groups, patrols, sight exploitation and mentoring various military and law enforcement agencies.

Most recently Charles has worked as a Security Coordinator with American Airlines Global Investigations Unit.  Charles conducts investigations company-wide in all areas including fraud, theft, workplace violence, and violations of government security directives.  American Airlines has over 100,000 employees worldwide with a global network of nearly 6,700 daily flights.

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Josh Wright is an expert witness in the area of Ballistics and Firearm & Tool Mark Identification. His expertise includes muzzle to target distance determination, gunshot residues (GSR), firearm examination to determine operability and safety, comparison of fired ammunition components to known evidence, and crime scene/shooting reconstruction to include number of shots and firearms fired, shooter location, cartridge case ejection pattern, trajectory, and ricochet.

Mr. Wright has a particularly developed eye as it pertains to the comparison microscope and uses a certified comparison microscope for all comparisons. He is proficiency tested yearly in the area of bullet and cartridge case comparisons.

Prior to working with All Access Investigations, he was employed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) as a Forensic Expert in the Firearms section of the laboratory. Since earning a degree in Criminology, he has been employed in his field and has obtained a wide array of exposure in many areas of evidence examination including evidence collection and tracking, crime scene investigation, photography, latent, tool mark impressions and ballistics.


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Bill is a very motivated and energetic professional. He comes to All Access Investigation as a 26-year veteran of the New York City Police Department. He finished his career as a First Grade Detective working with the Cold Cases Unit. During his time at the NYPD, he worked Homicides, Robbery Fraud, Domestic Violence, and Grand Larceny Cases, as well as working in the Anti-Crime Unit and Street Narcotics Enforcement Unit. Bill has several notable assignments including being one of the 9/11 first responders, assisting in the investigation of the attempted Times square car bombing, and was a part of the US Secretary of State Executive Protection Escort to the UN. He also led three escorts of Presidential Administration to the UN.

In addition to his extensive work history, he has successfully completed the NYPD’s Criminal Investigation Course, Homicide Investigation Course, OCCULT Training Course, Handwriting Analyst Course, Executive Protection Training, Sex Crime Investigation Course, and Special Interrogation Course.

WES ROLLINS Private Investigator

Wes has worked for Pineville Police Department for 26 years in different capacities. Just recently retired as a Sgt. over the criminal investigations unit supervising the Criminal Investigations unit, K-9 unit, and the vice narcotics unit.

Promoted to Sgt. in 1996 and ran a patrol shift up to 2004 when he was reassigned to CID. From 2004, Wes attended several undercover schools and criminal investigations classes from the N.C. Justice Academy.

During the years from 2004 to retirement in 2017, Wes worked as an undercover police officer investigating gambling case, drug cases, and vice operations. Wes worked hand and hand with Charlotte Mecklenburg Police, Matthews Police, Gastonia Police, Cornelius Police, Huntersville Police, Mecklenburg County ABC, and other local agencies investigating vice and narcotics complaints.

In 2012, Wes became a Task Force Officer with Department of Homeland Security Investigations. While there, Wes investigated large quantities of illegal narcotics smuggling, Bulk cash smuggling, and Human Trafficking. These cases netted large quantities of cocaine, heroin, U.S. Currency, and Methamphetamine from the mountains of Boone N.C. to Myrtle Beach S.C. While a TFO, Wes worked with FBI, Secret Service, DEA, and ATF in various cases.

Wes graduated in 2010 from Stanly Community College with an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice. During his career, Wes has accumulated over 2000 hours of training in investigations and leadership including Homicide, Arson, Robbery, Sexual Assault, Vice Narcotics, Surveillance Techniques, Forensics, and Crime Scene Search. While a police officer, Wes has investigated hundreds of cases including homicides, robberies, sexual assault, narcotics, arson, and retail theft.

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Tom has decades of experience in law enforcement and private sector security management and protection. Tom comes to All Access after eight years of Security Management at a local Charlotte area “Fortune 50” company. As Manager of Global Security, Tom supervised and maintained the Security needs for an array of different locations and facilities -- such as Access Control, Visitor Management, CCTV, Emergency Notification, Internal Investigation, as well as Kidnap/Ransom response (Internationally) and did oversee a staff of approximately eighty(80) security personnel.

Prior to Tom's private sector career, he served 20 years with the New York City Police Department, where he retired as a Detective. From the time of the Terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, until his retirement in February 2007, Tom was assigned to the NYPD Intelligence Division, and was assigned to investigate FBI Terrorist Leads, and Terrorist related cases in New York and surrounding areas. While also assigned to the Intelligence Division, Tom had numerous assignments for Dignitary and Executive Protection details for events such as Presidential visits, United Nations General Assembly, Republican National Convention, Grammy’s Music awards, US Tennis Open, Foreign Heads of State, Professional Sporting events, and Recording Industry of America members and events.

Other investigative assignments included, Organized Crime, Narcotics, Firearms, Money Laundering, Identity Fraud, Homicide, Medicaid Fraud, and Search Warrant executions, that resulted in hundreds of arrest and successful prosecution. Tom was also an “Expert witness” for the Manhattan District Attorneys Office, for narcotics testimony, while he was assigned to the NYPD, Manhattan South Narcotics Team. While with the NYPD, Tom had the opportunity to work on joint cases with many Federal Agencies to include, FBI, DEA, DOD, IRS, ATF, U.S. Secret Service, US Marshals, and Department of State.

Over the course of his private and law enforcement career, Tom has attended training in areas such as; Criminal Investigations, Firearms, Search Warrant, Interview and Interrogation, Case Management, NYPD/Secret Service Protection training, Money Laundering, Credit Card Fraud, Gang Identification and Investigation, Kidnap and Ransom response, AED/CPR, First Aid, Narcotics Investigation, Wiretap Management, Courtroom presentation, Private Security, Workplace violence, and O.S.H.A..

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Jess is originally from Florida, but moved to the Charlotte area after completing her Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice at Western Carolina University. In 2009, she attended the Basic Law Enforcement Training academy at Gaston College and was hired by Huntersville Police Department immediately after graduation from the academy. She worked as a Patrol officer for five years. In her time at Huntersville Police Department, Jess received her General Law Enforcement Certification, was a licensed chemical analysis, a licensed Radar operator, had training in crime scene processing as well as the many other patrol functions.

In 2014, she gave birth to her first child and left the patrol position for a reserve Deputy position at the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s office for a short time. There she worked events and completed several continuing education training courses. In 2017, she began working part time again as a patrol officer for Belmont Abbey College. In addition to being a patrol officer there, she was also the property control officer for all evidence.  She recently obtained her Private Investigator Associates license and also works as the V.P. of Operations for All Access Investigation.


After retiring from Law Enforcement in 2015, Ken Richardson obtained his Private Investigator’s License in North Carolina and South Carolina. His main goal was to establish a reputation of integrity, professionalism, and honor. After almost 5 years in the business he has reached his goal. Since starting the business, Ken has worked over 30 death investigations to include homicides, fatalities, suicides, and accidental deaths. One of these cases included working with a defense attorney to defend an officer who was wrongfully charged in an on-duty shooting. As a direct result of the independent investigation, the deputy was found not guilty. The team assembled to represent the deputy was able to get a “not guilty’ verdict and a return to duty.  In another case, a family requested Ken to investigate the death of a family member. After his investigation started the Local Law Enforcement re-opened their case and charged a person with 1st Degree Murder.  In the 5 years of him being in the business he has helped vindicate 5 people charged with crimes with sentences over 20 years.

Ken has also established himself in the personal injuries investigative business. He has worked with attorneys helping clients stand up against big insurance companies.  Last year an attorney hired Ken to work a case where the client was being accused of burning down an apartment building, when he allegedly fell asleep with a cigarette. The client had severe injuries and was told these injuries would disable him for life. After Ken began the investigation, Ken discovered the two subjects who lived below the client had left a charcoal grill burning and went to sleep. This information was confirmed by an independent fire investigator and the case was settled. Ken has been involved in numerous cases where an insurance company initially denied the client’s claim and held the client at fault. After Ken’s thorough investigation, the cases were settled in the client’s favor.

Given Ken’s extensive experience in hiring law enforcement officers during his career it was obvious the next step in the business world was to assist companies and local governments in hiring of employees, conducting third party reviews and internal affairs investigations. He currently has 2 local law enforcement agencies, 2 private educational institutes and 5 businesses that regularly use his firm to conduct background investigations and internal investigations. He has been fortunate enough to help hire five executives during this time. Ken has assisted in the hiring of a Chief Financial Officer for a Fortune 500 company, a Chief Operating Officer for a Large Charity, and the Chief of Police for a local agency.

His North Carolina law enforcement started in 1992 and he has had various assignments during that time.  Before retiring as a Captain with the Huntersville Police Department, he spent 14 years in Criminal Investigations, working and supervising approximately 8,500 serious felony cases, in addition to leading investigations of over 150 deaths.  This assignment also included being a member of the assessment board for hiring and promotions for the department and conducting backgrounds check for new employees.

After being promoted to Captain at the HPD, he was the Commander of the Field Services Bureau, where he supervised 57 patrol officers.  Ken has experience in crime scene processing, interview and interrogation and case management.  He is also knowledgeable in homicides, sex assaults, robberies, frauds, arsons and thefts, with experience in testifying in both State and Federal courts.  As Captain of the Huntersville Police Department, he handled major incidents occurring in Huntersville, gaining experience in preparing media releases and making command decisions limiting the Department’s liability.  This position required Ken to conduct numerous internal investigations.

For 6 years, he worked for a local investigative firm conducting professional background investigations for a Federal Program.

Ken graduated from Western Carolina University, in Cullowhee, North Carolina with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice.  In addition, he has received three Associate’s Degrees from Central Piedmont Community College, in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Over his career in law enforcement, he has attended approximately 2,500 hours of training in various areas, a large majority concentrating on Leadership and Investigation.  He graduated from the National Fire Academy and completed the NC Justice Academy’s Criminal Investigator’s Program.

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